Bangla Biennale

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Komdhara, Babnan, Hoogly, West Bengal - 712305

At any point in history, and particularly in the present globalised era, economic growth and cultural awareness and competence are closely interlinked. Major metro cities compete with each other globally for hosting international events in the fields of sports and culture.

Biennales are held every two years on a very large scale as international showcases of contemporary art and are often named with the prefix of the state or city in which they are held. They occupy a significant pride of place in the cultural calendar of the country or geographical region where they are organised and enjoy the patronage and support of Public Art Museums, Government Agencies, Philanthropic Organisations and Tourism Agencies, as a successful Biennale attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and appreciators of art.

West Bengal has always played a pioneer and very significant role in the history of indigenous art and cultural movements. Narrative Movements intends to launch this flagship initiative in a relatively rural setting, where with the collective support and sense of ownership of like-minded philanthropic organisations adequate infrastructural facilities can be created to sustain this flagship venture in the decades to come. Bangla Biennale will focus on Contemporary Art Exhibitions, Cultural Events, Seminars, Local Activities and some related Satellite Events with over 200 participants from different parts of the world. It will provide an excellent opportunity for sponsors and donors in the vast arena of their promotion and publicity.

To realize this dream project, financial contributions are very crucial, and hence, on behalf of Bangla Biennale Committee, we appeal to you to be a donor or sponsor and get involved through some of the outstanding opportunities offered as part of what promises to be a unique and rewarding experience for all concerned.

Your support will not only provide the opportunity for your own promotion and publicity, but also help our country make a mark in the international arena of art and culture.