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Kala Khoj

Kala Khoj, Prarthana-Community Auroville 605 101 Tamil Nadu

Kala Khoj is an international artist residency program established in 1998. Every year, the program takes in over 60 artists (visiting and local) in collaboration with several Indian cultural centres and artists from major cities. It also works in close partnership with the Government of Pondicherry, and the French, British, and German Art/Language Centres of eight cities. Kala Khoj also organizes cultural tours within India for interested groups of visiting artists, art managers, curators, and professors.

The organizations main objective is to enhance and support the research and educational aspects of the arts for both, young and established artists. The artists are expected to come in with an open spirit, be willing to interact and communicate with local artists, and provide local schools with trainings when necessary.