Sri Annai Kamakshi Music & Fine Arts College

Ph: +91-44 2474 0428

No.979,Lakshmana Swmi Salai, KK Nagar, Chennai – 600 078.

The mission of Sri Annai Kamakshi Music and Fine Arts College is to train, educate and motivate students to excel in Art & Music as a career. The courses conducted by Sri Annai are open-ended, creative and flexible , leading to a new system of art education. Studying Fine Arts at SAKKK College is about learning to create your future as a practitioner of Art that is central to our society's cultural and social way of life, and of understanding yourself and the world you live in.

Sri Annai College has strong links with the art community. The college runs a renowned national and international programme for visiting artists, exhibitions, public events, and partnership activities. As a student of SAKKK, you will make connections with artists and potential employers from day one.